Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Anything But Clay!

I'm worried for my health and for the health of others. I can no longer take it!!!

I can not stand here any longer knowing that Clay's creepy face is floating about my website. What if some small child decides to check out some blogs pertaining to opera? or my life? or my opera life? It's something nobody should have to see.

So does this mean I'll have multiple posts everyday for the next week to rid my site from his androidian face? Bah, no! It means I'll throw a long string of pictures up until the Ice Queen is all the way at the bottom. (Just in case someone wants to gaze at his face adoringly... it'll still be there. Chad - I know that you only read my blog because Mr. Sexy's Cyborg mug is up here.)

So, what could be better to wash off that icky feeling of seeing something so hideous you can't look away?

Puppies! Here are some pics from the home-front.


shyestviolet said...

[gasp] [disoriented head-shake]


...who are you? where have you come from? confused...

...wait. someone actually posts to this thing?! what?!

:D welcome back to the blogging suck-hole!

Rachel Irene said...

It's nice to be back...

*runs away*

I'll return some day. Stay tuned for my many posts the day after never.

Nikki said...

Dogs... Simply adorable. :)