Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mr. Coffee's Demise

Mr. Coffee 4-cup brew master is no longer with us. He was a loyal friend and rarely treated me poorly. There were only a few times where he vomited scalding coffee on my legs, but I'm sure I deserved it. He has been my trustee side-kick on my various desks over the past 3 years. I demanded much from him. Sometimes I yelled that he wasn't brewing quick enough, but he never said a word. He would just continue on percolating happily by my side.

He started showing signs of giving out not more than Monday. I just thought he had a case of the Monday's. So I excused the cold coffee that he produced... because hey... it was still coffee. And I will say that the first cup was fairly warm.

Then yesterday he was not his usual bubbly self. :-( So, I gave him his first day off in 3 years thinking he just needed a rest. Alas, this morning, his condition was no better. He did not brew, he did not even cough out a little coffee.

It's a dark time for me now without Mr. Coffee by my side.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


We won!! We crushed them! The curse has been lifted! I feel like a zillion pounds have left my aura. Weee! Granted Washington was pretty lousy, but I will admit that it was pretty tense there in the beginning. I thought I might have to step out from the game a few times, but we did it!


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Rejection & Ejection

Tonight I am off to another Twins game! I am revved up and I have my jersey laid out on the bed.

We're taking our father's as a continuation to the father's day festivities. The Twins had a win last night (thanks Mor...yes) and I'm hoping that they can win again. I haven't been to a winning Twins game since the very beginning of the season. Maybe it's me. They have to win tonight or I might never go to a game again because I cause them to lose. It happened that way last year too, I took my dad for his birthday and it was just a massacre on the field. This year I think the first game I went to of the season we won... but not since then. Lose-lose-lose-lose-lose. Hmmm maybe I better get a new jersey or bring salt and a rabbit foot. I don't know if I can handle another live loss. It's bad enough when they lose on TV, but I feel far less invested without paying hundreds to watch them. I can angrily turn off the TV and stomp off to bed and feel fine about it. A live game loss just hurts.

We have amazing seats and we're playing Washington. I've never seen Washington play live before, so that's exciting. Plus Guuuuuuuuuzman plays with them so that'll be fun to see. I think Guuuzy and Cargo (Gomez) should run bases together. Just for fun. Just to see. :-)

I have a rule about going to games though. I don't understand why people would leave early... erm.. hm.. Hubby. I have never left a game early. There's been some game ending tears as I watch our team being scraped off the field, but I stick it out. But tonight the pressure to leave early will be at least 70% amidst the crowd. The significant other likes to "beat traffic" and so does his father. My dad is a people pleaser, so I'm sure he wouldn't be adverse to going. And I will stand there among the spilled beer, shattered peanut and with cotton candy in my hair from the little devils (that will no doubtfully sit behind us) until the last out. I can't do it. I can't leave early. Beat traffic? I know a way. Maybe you all aren't as lame as I am, but I think that the post-game coverage is hilarious. I watch and laugh at it often. My favorite is when Burt and Anthony and "Coom" all re-enact a play. It can't get much better than watching an old pitching star not be able to hit somewhere on the baggie that's about the size of Minneapolis. Or watching a large man in a suit with a windbreaker pullover (because that makes him look sportier... hehe) try to field a mis-thrown ball. It's just quality enjoyment. If we stayed to watch all of that hoopla, we'd definitely miss traffic. I think that's why the fans all jump up and run out after the game. Nobody wants to see that sight.

Well, off to start my Summoning a Win Dance.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm An MPR Mooch

So MPR is doing their "annual drive". I say "annual" because I swear they just had one like a month ago. And I am an avid MPR listener. All day everyday. That's me.

I've been listening all week to their plugs for why you should be a member and give them money. It's starting to get to me. I can feel John Birge, Jeff Esworthy, Brian Newhouse, Mindy Ratner, and Steve Staruch fingers all pointing right out of the radio at me. You're not a member! You're a mooch! Listening, and dare I say, enjoying public radio without giving us your first born child. Shame to you and your household!

Well, how would they like it if I just stopped listening all together?! Huh?! Would they prefer that? I think not! I just can't contribute. Then I'm funding something for which I have no control. What would I do if they switched to an all Copland station?! Blech. I know, I know, everyone loves Copland.... everyone but me. Blah blah, heard it all. I still say boo. I don't know, I'm too selfish and poor. Those combinations and not being Mother Theresa pretty much sums up why I'm not a "member".

I feel their wrath of guilt laying it on me! Help!