Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mr. Coffee's Demise

Mr. Coffee 4-cup brew master is no longer with us. He was a loyal friend and rarely treated me poorly. There were only a few times where he vomited scalding coffee on my legs, but I'm sure I deserved it. He has been my trustee side-kick on my various desks over the past 3 years. I demanded much from him. Sometimes I yelled that he wasn't brewing quick enough, but he never said a word. He would just continue on percolating happily by my side.

He started showing signs of giving out not more than Monday. I just thought he had a case of the Monday's. So I excused the cold coffee that he produced... because hey... it was still coffee. And I will say that the first cup was fairly warm.

Then yesterday he was not his usual bubbly self. :-( So, I gave him his first day off in 3 years thinking he just needed a rest. Alas, this morning, his condition was no better. He did not brew, he did not even cough out a little coffee.

It's a dark time for me now without Mr. Coffee by my side.


6tzumama said...

Ah--alas--he served you well! DId you ever clean the poor soul??

Missy said...

I could read this over and over again. It's so funny...