Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm An MPR Mooch

So MPR is doing their "annual drive". I say "annual" because I swear they just had one like a month ago. And I am an avid MPR listener. All day everyday. That's me.

I've been listening all week to their plugs for why you should be a member and give them money. It's starting to get to me. I can feel John Birge, Jeff Esworthy, Brian Newhouse, Mindy Ratner, and Steve Staruch fingers all pointing right out of the radio at me. You're not a member! You're a mooch! Listening, and dare I say, enjoying public radio without giving us your first born child. Shame to you and your household!

Well, how would they like it if I just stopped listening all together?! Huh?! Would they prefer that? I think not! I just can't contribute. Then I'm funding something for which I have no control. What would I do if they switched to an all Copland station?! Blech. I know, I know, everyone loves Copland.... everyone but me. Blah blah, heard it all. I still say boo. I don't know, I'm too selfish and poor. Those combinations and not being Mother Theresa pretty much sums up why I'm not a "member".

I feel their wrath of guilt laying it on me! Help!

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Shin Soo-Choo said...

But you are paying, even without being a member. Tens of millions of tax dollars have been transferred to MPR over the years. So listen all you want, guilt free!