Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bankrupt Bennigan's

So word just came out that the Bennigan's all over Minnesota are closing. I really don't know where to turn.

I think that they have about 0.01 ounces of alcohol in their drinks and the waitresses are more moody than a teenage girl with acne. BUT, I still love to go there because of 2 items they have on their menu. Their baked potato soup makes me cry a little into it because it's so good. It's creamy and never has that old soup taste (even though I'm sure they just save the vat and re-use it everyday) and the topping that joyfully sit atop the delicious dish are perfect in every way. I would literally eat that soup for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and second dinner... and second lunch. I know, I'm like a Hobbit, I like to eat about 5 meals a day.

I always get the Ultimate Baked Potato Soup to start things off right, but then I order the ultimate entree. It's obscene and huge and has about 6871384849 grams of fat, but I don't care. It's the only dish that leaves me writhing in pain for literally 2 days afterwards. My husband tries to talk me out of it every time we go because he has to listen to the moans of agony for 48 straight hours, but it's all worth it. It is the only dish that I will endure a whole weekend of gut-busting pain for. I love it. It's the Monte Cristo. I know that there are plenty of other Monte Cristo's available out there, but never has any even shed a light to the Bennigan's Monte Cristo. My mouth is watering and my stomach is trying to make a break for it as I type about it. It's a triple decker stuffed full with ham and cheese then dipped in batter and deep fried. It's served with raspberry sauce and sprinkled in powdered sugar. Yum! It scared me a little the first time I ordered it, but once I had that first bite, I knew I could never order anything else again.

I would say that you all should try the soup and sandwich and let me know after the pain passes how it was, but now they're closing. :-( Actually, I heard that there's an independent Bennigan's that's still going to be open in Coon Rapids. I'm not sure how far that is, but a road trip might be in order. Times are tough my friends. Make the best of the last one standing. And if you can eat both the soup and sandwich in one sitting, let me know! I have yet to accomplish such a feat. But I do recommend an oven for the re-heat of the sandwich, otherwise it's just all mushy and spongey. I love it!!!

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