Friday, January 12, 2007

Wedding Weekend

This weekend my very good friend Abbie is getting married! After having to post-pone the original September wedding date for 4 months, the time has finally come. (As a side note, the reason they had to post-pone it is because her fiance is a navigator for the Navy, and he was not in the U.S. at the time. So yeah, a little hard to get married a continent or two apart.)

I'm really looking forward to this wedding, it's going to be beautiful. This is my first wedding where I'm actually a bridesmaid!! The saying goes, always a bridesmaid, never a bride. Mine was, always a musician never a bridesmaid. Now I'm both, and looking forward to it.

Usually it's hard for me to get geared up about singing in a wedding because: a) I don't know really know the couple, but hey, at least I get paid b) if I do know them (but not a good friend), it sucks when they invite you and only you, and no payday. BUT I'm excited this time because Abbie is a good friend, and it's going to be really special to be a part of her wedding. Oh geez, I hope I don't bawl... hmmm... didn't think about that... nope, I'll keep it together. I have to.

liquid liner + tears = raccoon face.

Anywho, very excited (did I tell you that yet?) and making small goals.

don't fall don't fall don't fall don't fall don't fall don't fall don't fall don't fall don't fall don't fall


shyestviolet said...

I think J was a navigator in the navy. I think. Hmmmm.

Abbie said...

What a lovely wedding it was. And the bride was so lovely, don't you think?? :) Thank you for being such a special part of my special day! Your music, as well as Cathy's, was a wonderful part of our ceremony. I am blessed to have friends like you!