Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Unadulterated Loathing

I'm finally out of that god forsaken place! I'm so happy I could cry. Of course, I couldn't get out with one last evil check mark on my "I hate Parkside Apartments" list.

I spent all of Saturday moving out what was left. It was such a lovely day with a combination of drizzle, rain, and down pours. I'm positive Parkside planned it that way, just to make moving miserable. Well, with the help of my family, we got everything out. We scoured the place and called it a day.

We couldn't check out of the apartment on Saturday because Tami (possibly Satan's spawn?) was out of town. However, the person answering made it clear that even though we couldn't check out until Monday, we HAD to be moved out by Sunday noon. What, were they going to check? I think not. Regardless, I was happy to be out of there ASAP. So, our walk-through was at 8am Monday morning. Yay.

So, Kevy drives over from Minneapolis, and we're both there in plenty of time. We wait in the apartment (as instructed from another office employee), and 8:15 rolls around. So, I give dear old Tami a call and remind her that we have an appointment at 8. Then in her demure manner she says, "Oh, well, some people choose to come over to the office." So I ask her if she would prefer that, because we were told to stay in the apartment (seeing as that's where we would need to be anyway!), and she says she's on her way.

As the angel walks in with her 2 lackeys (all wearing their shoes) she proceeds to slam open all the cupboards and drawers. She informs us in the nicest way, "There are crumbs in this drawer!" Could that be? It's a drawer lady! So we clean out the expensive crumbs from the drawer and re-wipe down the fridge. Then she tells us that we need to clean the windows because they're dirty. So we look, and not the inside of the windows, no no no, the outside of the windows. OK, so this is my first apartment and all, but is it part of the security deposit requirement to clean the windows from the outside? Apparently here it is. So we said we didn't know that we had to clean the outside of the windows. So she pleasantly says "That's why they pop out! To clean them!" At this point I picture popping out the window, and then slamming it over her head. She just made everything so pleasant to deal with.

I'm done! And I never have to think about that place again!


Rob said...

I'm glad you're out of there too... it made me nervous to walk to my car at 10pm after our get togethers. I was afraid I'd get mugged.

Margaret said...

Ha Ha puts me in mind of slumlords past. The landlords who refused to do anything about the bats/squirrels/cockroaches/mice in the place. The landlord who rented the place sans lightbulbs in any fixture, including the refridgerator. When I pulled all the lightbulbs out the jerk charged me for them.

Rachel Irene said...

Who are these people?! Were they not held enough as a child? People like those should all be rounded up and put in an underground city where they can be mean to each other and leave the rest of us alone!

shyestviolet said...

1. welcome back to your blog!

2. yes, yes, also glad you're out of your apartment. I'm sort of glad I didn't have my blog when I had my old apartment on Franklin, as most of my entries would've been something to the effect of:
A. dear readers: my apartment has 2 inches of standing water in the kitchen, the heat is off, it's January, and the landlord claims we haven't called her 10 times in the past two weeks. or,
B. dear readers: our kitchen window has been broken since before we moved in six months ago, and now there is a horrible draft that sweeps through the entire apartment. I think I'm getting a contact high from the smokers downstairs. or,