Friday, December 08, 2006

Bumbling Busser

Well that was a disaster.

So, we wait out in the cold for a while at the park and ride, and I ask the first bus to make sure it was the right one. (See previous post for the mind boggling bus schedule.) It wasn't. So we wait some more, and then all these people come out of nowhere to get on the bus. Oh, the smart people that wait in their cars at 6:30am until the bus actually shows up. Yes, thoooose people.

So we hop on the bus, and it's not a bad ride at all, until we get to St. Paul. On the schedule it says there's only one stop in St. Paul. So, I just sit and wait, but then there's cords being pulled and a red sign saying "stop requested" flashing up and random people getting off. What?!?! I have to pull the cord? I thought it only had one stop! Who can see where we are when it's still black out and all the lights are on in the bus!! So, when it stops at a pavilion and lots of people start getting off, I got caught up in the masses and exited the bus. Hmmm I think. This is not where I intended to be. I am severely directionally impaired and probably couldn't find my way out of a paper bag. So we stop and think. And ah ha! We see the bus depot at our pick up spot. We have 15 minutes, and we have plenty of time to spare. So we wait and wait in the bile smelling building. Then it's time for the bus arrival and we still don't see it. I look at my printed out directions again, and oops, we've been waiting at the wrong stop! Dah!

I really felt like I was back in the grade school. We huddle together trying to decide who's parent we can call to come and pick us up because we missed the bussy wussy. After we make the call, I thought I would make a run to my new office to see where it was in relation to the bus stops. Yeah. 20 minutes later I finally find it after walking to the ends of the earth and back, and then back around. We decide to hit up the McDonalds for some coffee. I tunnel vision my way straight past the homeless man, and to the register where I have to charge my nickle coffee. Mmmm caffeine. As we walk out, my haze clears, and I realize that there's a Caribou right in front of us. I kick myself for getting my 2 cent coffee, and then splurge and get a 83 dollar coffee at the 'boo.

Lesson to the story? Rachel can not function without coffee. Not even enough to see her Mecca calling to her right in front of her face. Lesson learned.

Trial run #2 set for Saturday.


Anonymous said...

I have faith in you. that $100,000 education will surely help you with figuring out the bus schedule, right? right? :D

we've all been there, dearie... it just takes a while to figure out. hang in there!

Cathy said...

Bus schedules are so freakin crazy. I know how you feel. I had to take them in Madison a few times and I had an anxiety attack almost everytime!