Thursday, December 07, 2006

It's My Last Day!

I'm bursting with desire to dance down the halls and shout, "I'm free!! See ya' sucka's!!" But I can't. I just can't. I didn't wear the right shoes. Damn!

I've been trying to figure out this whole bus route thing for the past couple days, and man, all I can say is I'm glad I'm doing a practice run tomorrow. Sure I have to get up earlier than I ever have in my entire life, but I'm going to have to get up at that time every day from now on. (God help me. No, seriously, help.)

So, I've opted to take the bus everyday. Everyone seems to rave about it. And I think I like the idea of someone else battling rush hour for me. (Plus, I can't drive on the shoulder, always wanted to, but never did. Now is my chance!) So, I call the lovely people at the bus company, because they're website is as clear as mud. It has 2 pick-up times on the same route at the location I want to get on. Apparently it's for people who want to drive all the way to Stillwater, just to get on a bus and take it into a different part of Stillwater. I have no doubt that some people do it, there's crazies all over this world, but I am going to catch the same bus a half hour later (at the same spot) and coast my way into the crawling city.

So, I call and I call (in hopes of getting a second, third, fourth opinion that surely will surpass the previous in clarity) and none of them really make sense. Especially when my question is answered. So, I shall explain my confusion... and then the confusing answer. There are 2 buses arriving 2 minutes apart from each other (sounds like a math test) at 6:30. I need to catch the one that's already done its loop around the rest of Stillwater, and is headed for St. Paul. I don't want to get on the other one that's picking up for the first time and is heading towards the rest of Stillwater. So, I ask how I can tell if I'm getting on the right bus. I was thinking one would say "A" or "B" on their flashy pimp boards overhead. But, no. Apparently I have to ask every morning of my life if I'm getting on the right one. The buses are identical and so is their light board sign of no help. So I ask the customer service man if it's the same driver so that I don't have to hold up all the morning crankies by asking the driver to hold my hand and make my lunch every day. Apparently no. Not a good assumption to make because the drivers change. Suck-ola. So tomorrow I could be stranded, wandering aimlessly through the streets of St. Paul if I miss my return bus 15 minutes after my drop off.

I am one special gal. A gal with no clue about public transportation. I'm embarking on more than one new adventure next week. I could end up in a neighborhood near you!

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