Thursday, November 30, 2006

What's Behind Door Number 3?

A neeeeeeeeew joooooob!!

I'm very excited. I have just accepted (as of this past Tuesday) a new job!! I can't wait! I will have to commute to St. Paul with the masses, but it'll be worth it. Extremely worth it.

Yesterday I turned in my resignation at my current employer. The wheels of change are turning, and I like it! I realized that I had never actually quit a job before. All my previous jobs were with the understanding that I would be leaving at the end of the summer, or when I graduated from school. My first job, gave me a lot of my employment firsts. I asked for raises, I received my first Christmas bonuses, I had to settle an office dispute, I received a promotion, I moved departments within a company, and I quit. Well, I guess I had asked for a raise once before back in middle school for babysitting... but I never received a W2 for that.

Despite all my firsts, I had to use all self restraint from dancing down the halls and yelling "see ya' sucka's!". However no one can predict what might happen on my final day. ;-)


Cathy said...

Yay for new jobs! I quit my first real job this is really weird doing it. At least you didn't feel like you were being questioned by the spanish inquisition about why you were leaving! grr.. Anyway, congrats!!

Anonymous said...

congrats! (you missed a hell of a rehearsal yesterday, btw... looooooong rehearsal + martini-drinkin' fellow alto [you know who I mean!] = yikes!)

Anonymous said...


Rachel Irene said...

shyestviolet - You don't even want to know why I missed. It's that dumb... or rather I'm that dumb.

Anonymous said...