Monday, November 27, 2006

My Space or No Space

I'm talking to yet another friend who is obsessed with myspace. What is all the hype about this site? I've tried to "check it out", and I'm overwhelmed and feel completely computer illiterate. So tonight I figured if I just signed up with the darn online cult that I could figure it out that way.

So, after I'm done filling out my age, height, weight, favorite color, mother's maiden name, father's first pet, my worst grade, shoe size, and the color of my
pantaloons, I finally come to the exciting clickable "sign me up" box. Whew! It's about time! My fingers have been typed down to the nubs and my eyes are now blind from the glow of the screen.

I click the stupid box, and what do I see? The data you have entered indicates you are not eligible to register on myspace.
What the *$&%?!?! How can I not be eligible to register? Did my nail polish color offend them? Did they not like the name I chose for my unborn child? What could I have filled in on that form that would possibly deem me ineligible?

Stupid myspace.


Anonymous said...

join facebook instead ;D

Rachel Irene said...

Sad thing is, I don't qualify for that either. I'm too old.

Anonymous said...

you're not too old! you can join without a school.