Monday, February 25, 2008

I've Hit A New Low

My caffeine addiction has hit a new low. Now it's just not the entire pot of morning coffee with a pick-me-up Dew at lunch. Or the massive headaches that immediately start an hour after I've been awake if I haven't downed a good 4 mugs of joe.

Last night at about 11pm I was feeling sleepy and winding down before bed by playing a little rock and roll on Guitar Hero. I went upstairs to get a water from the fridge, when my right arm independently moved from my body to grasp a beloved Mountain Dew. I watched in horror as my single arm tried to open the can for a guzzle-fest. I would not have it. If I had a Dew at 11, no doubt it would kick in about 11:30am and I would be up scrubbing the grout in our guest bath or re-trimming the carpet. Not like I've done a weird thing like that before... but now that you mention it... Regardless it took all my effort (along with the help of my left arm) to turn my head away and put back the dew. Then I had to sit against the fridge and cry a little because I really wanted that dew. But I got over it and went to bed. However, I was up half the night thinking about the little dew can in the fridge taunting me. So maybe it wouldn't have been that bad to have a little before bed. hehehehe


shyestviolet said...

this, my love, is where CAFFEINE-FREE DEW comes in handy :D

Rachel Irene said...

Caffeine-Free Dew is like a bird without wings.

Missy said...

Dude, I was almost peeing my pants reading this. Also, CUTE DOG!!!