Thursday, February 21, 2008

Puppy Love

Exciting news! We're going to be parents! Not of actual children, but of a very cute little Shih Tzu. We were on the list to adopt a puppy from this dog, but after a big long whoo-haw, turns out she wasn't "with puppy".

A big disappointment at first for us because after our beloved fish Kipu passed, there has been a void and we were excited for a little mongrel to fill it. Then even better news came. Because the situation was full of a big case of the crazies, they offered us first say on the "mom" not-mom. She is incredibly cute. She's just over 10 pounds and she's all black with a very cute face. Doesn't she look like a little fiesty Ewok?

I am so excited!! She's coming a couple months earlier than we anticipated getting a floor mop, but we couldn't be happier. Now come the preperations, because she arrives in just over a week!



shyestviolet said...

congratulations on the next big addition to your family! I must come over and say hello sometime when I'm not busy shouting books of the bible for choir... yeah, that's a story for another day... :P

Rachel Irene said...

Thanks! You will definitely have to come over, of course when you're not shouting books of the bible, but that could be an entertaining evening. :-D