Thursday, February 09, 2006

My Grand Theft Auto

Well, I'm back from my Chicago audition/vacation. So much to write about! I'll have to do it in spurts. The first thing to be addressed should be the unfortunate incident that occurred before I even left for the big city.

My car was broken into.

Yes, that's right, some punk must have thought that I had big bucks to be driving a broken little Geo Prizm.

I was walking out with all my luggage at 7:30am Saturday morning, when I noticed that my car door was ajar. I walk closer, and realize that all the locks are unlocked, I peek inside and everything is strewn about. My glovebox was open and emptied, my CD player was destroyed, and worst of all, all my CD's were gone. I have kept them in a case in between the seats for 8 years now. They're my crutch.

They're my most cherished possession, and now they're gone. What thief would want Marilyn Horne, or all of my Broadway collections? The worst of it, is that most of them can't be replaced because they're not retail CD's. I got them by going to specific performances and then purchasing them at the theatre. Who would want them? They're not worth anything to those kinds of people. It's just such a depressing experience. It's like having a huge part of your life ripped away from you. I'm still really bummed about the CD's. I can't get over it. And it's not like I have 4k to throw down on new CD's either. That's the worst thing they could've taken.

My CD player's face was ripped off, but not the device that actually plays the CD's. These people are genius. Now it's useless to both of us. Keep in mind friends, that this was NOT a new player by any means. I think that it was about 10 years old, and it scratches CD's over time. I could care less about the CD player, but I still mourn the loss of all of my CD's.

Now my poor little Geo, who's been through thick and thin with me has to go to the shop, yet again. I need to replace her lock that was punctured, and see if we can do something about her sticky door, and replace her missing eye (side headlight).

My poor baby. Violated by a stranger.


cathy said...

oh my lord! i am so sad for you...that is so horrible. i will observe a moment of silence for your cd's. this is a tragic event...

Rob said...

I'm so so so so sorry Twin!!! My heart goes out to you and the cd's.

Rachel Irene said...

The worst thing they could have done... they did. I'm starting to lose faith in the good in people.

hammerswing75 said...

Don't do that! Some of us aren't too horrible. Sorry for the theft though, that's got to be jarring.

Rachel Irene said...

Hammerswing - I know you're not horrible, but those punks that stole my CD's pretty much suck at life. I'm now bitter and pessimistic.