Monday, February 20, 2006

My Million Dollar Baby

Well, I brought my beloved Geo into Wilbur (my mechanic) today to fix the damage that only idiotic hoodlums could have made. My banged in lock. I figured I should get the slightly malfunctioning door handle fixed, since it's already there. To fix the bruised lock is going to cost me another little bundle for the parts. Wilbur can fix the temperamental handle without any parts.

This whole break-in is getting to be quite expensive. (and by quite expensive, I mean look for me in about a week living in a box at the end of the block.) And for what? A half dismembered CD player, and some Broadway/opera CD's. Stupid stupid people!

My hatred for these imbeciles is growing with each passing second. I don't understand the human race. Who would do something like that? Why not break into a car and steal a good CD player, or at least take the part that plays the CD's!? Why would you take something so meaningless to you, and not worth much to pawn shops, when it could mean a lot to someone. Who does that?!

Maybe I'm naive... but I just don't understand some people.


shyestviolet said...

I sympathize with you and your car friend. My car got broken into last winter downtown, and $350 dollars of damage later, what did they steal?

My iPod? No.

My CDs? Nope.

Spare cash? Of COURSE not, that would be worth something.

No, they stole my overnight bag-- a cheap, canvas tote bag that said "Gustavus Greens" on it, which contained a DVD, some cheap jewelry, and my dirty laundry.


My current roommate uses her Gustavus Greens bag for her visits to the gym, and I get a little sad now whenever I see it.

I realize this is nothing compared to losing your CDs (and I can't imagine how terrible that would be-- like a junkie losing her stash, for me), but I thought I'd share my similar story of stupid, stupid thieves stealing something that was probably of ABSOLUTELY no interest to them, whatsoever.

Rachel Irene said...

Maybe all these people have a sickness where they just need to take something... anything! Or maybe you had a secret lover stalker that really wanted your undies...