Monday, April 10, 2006

Busy Bee

Well, so much to write about. This past week has been a whirl-wind. So much to tell, some of it good news and some of it bad news. I'll start with the bad... better to end on a high note.

I was meeting with Larry again for our few and far between lesson, and I found out that U of M did not accept me into their masters program. Bummer! So, that means no grad school for Rachel for another year.

After I stopped flogging myself, I thought, that's it, I need to make some big changes that will set me on the straight and narrow toward opera diva-hood. I don't want to have a life of "if I had done ___ then I could've done ___". So, I'm taking on a new approach.

Big changes are in the wind. I need to buckle down and practice like I really want it. No more once every other week practice sessions. I refuse to be busy every waking hour of the day. It's time to take some time to improve the future.


As for the good news.... I'M ENGAGED! Can you believe it?!?! I can't!
(For the ladies, the pictures of the ring are below.)


Missy said...

anyone want to go skating?

teepies, that could make one hell of a grill, just in case you wanted to do that!

biggest congrats from me!!!!

Cathy said...

the pictures don't do it justice, but it's still gorgeous! :) congratulations, friend!

Rob said...

Aaaand I'm blind. BLING BLING!

It looks like there is no precious metal and it's ALL diamonds...

Congrats Twin!

shyestviolet said...


I must say, the photos are much nicer than your drawings, though ;)

Congratulations, you rock star-- you deserve only the very very best! (And, erm, dare I say it looks like you've got it!)

Douglas said...

The ring is nice and all, but tell us about your betrothed. Details! We want details!

Janelle said...

Congrats to you! Atomizer told me last Saturday! I'm so happy for you guys!! Does that mean that dance lessons are in the near future for the 4 of us?

Kim said...

Gee, I don't even know you and I'm impressed! LOL!

Emily said...

Congratulations! Nice ring! We must talk soon!