Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Migration Continues

Does moving ever cease? I could never be an ant, because all they do is move! Or maybe we're more similar than I realize. Ants move constantly to put their dirt pieces in the perfect place... I'm moving constantly and I'm OCD, so everything has to be in the perfect place too.... Too bad I can't lift 20 times my body weight. That would make moving a whole lot quicker.

So, I'm still en route to my parents house with boxes. It's been 2 WEEKS of moving, and now I'm halfway into the third. However when you live on the third floor of an apartment, and are schlepping your junk to the top floor of another residence, and you're doing it all yourself, it's slower than a crock pot set on low! Wait, do you hear that? Ah yes, the strings are playing. But come on people!

I don't have that big of a car (pretty pie yes, big no) but my the time I load it all up, and drive the 5 minutes to my new temporary residence and unload it, it takes a good hour and a half. And folks, I'm booking it. Whoever said that slow and steady wins the race, lied! That hare just didn't have stamina. I'm about ready to give up and just wait until I have help. Bah, who am I kidding? I'll sacrifice my dinner, time, and life just to get it done with. I will prevail!


Missy said...

sad day, and there is no elevator!! that's NSP for you!

hope you get done soon!

ps are you trying out for the MN Opera? I have the audition stuff if you need it (but you already have it probs)


Rachel Irene said...

Yes, I got the letter too, thanks though! I'm planning on auditioning for the good 'ol MN Opera. My guess is you're not, Seeing as you could be in Cali, or DC, or NE, and that's just a tad too far to commute. ;-)