Monday, November 21, 2005

Ode To Pasta And Cheese

I feel inspired to write an ode (watch out Dr. Seuss!) to one of my favorite foods, after just having finished a big plateful for second-dinner. It's true, my eating habits could be compared to that of a Hobbit.

My Ode to
Pasta and Cheese

Oh Pasta, oh cheese,
on my buds you do tease.
How I love you,
my, what you do,
on a plate, or in stew.

I eat it all the time,
whenever the clock chimes,
morning, noon, and night,
I'll always take a bite.

It's the best combo made,
any meal I would trade,
for this decadent dish,
that tastes so delish.

You must try it out,
it'll cause you to shout,
if you try it one time,
it'll make your meal prime,
you may start to rhyme!

So give it a try,
and you'll ask yourself why,
you've lived without this!
this heavenly bliss.

You'll be happy you did,
you'll eat it amid,
any meal that you please,
you are my main squeeze,
oh pasta oh cheese.

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