Monday, November 14, 2005

Something New

I thought I'd try something new to add sanity to my world. A blog. We'll see how this relationship works out. As with journal type things, I usually go hog wild in the beginning, and then as the newness depletes, it heads towards the back of the closet. I literally have journals that have 4 entries in them, each about a year and a half apart stating (4 times) that I promise to write more in the future. Although, now I think this blog has potential. Who has the time (or the legible script) anymore to write in a pink diary with a lock that you can snap open like a pop can? Surely not I. My life is too busy, and I'm too old (at a staggering 23) to keep one up. So, here begins my rants and aimless rambling as a blogger. I never thought I'd see the day.


Saint Paul said...

Brilliance! And if you do stop posting after this, at least you've gone out on top. As they say at the opera (or is that Vaudeville?) always leave them wanting more!

Rob said...

Way to go, Twin! Hopefullly you'll be able to keep up with this so I will have something to read while I'm at work... I say that like our constant emailing isn't enough to keep me entertained... :) And remember, no mean things about me! ;)