Sunday, November 20, 2005

T-Wolves Social Hour

Last night I went to my first Timberwolves game, curtosy of David Strom. We had great seats, and saw a lot of high rollers. However, the atmosphere was completely different than the Twin's games that I'm used to. Every girl there was decked out in trendy clothes and heels, the guys in button-ups, slacks, and loafers! It seemed more like a social gathering than a crowd of fans. The Timberwolves won without any trouble, or any real action. It was a rather uneventful game. No nail-biting moments, no extrodinary shots, no riots in the crowd... maybe the fans didn't consume enough beer.

There were many distractions from the game. You could literally sit there the entirety of the game and never actually focus on the court. There was hip hop music blaring, half-naked cheerleaders in dominatrix outfits wiggling about, and not to mention Crunch with his gun-shot like drum. There was lots of "people-watching" to be done as well. We were close enough to the court to watch the inter-workings of the rich socialites. At a Twins game, if you have great seats, you're close enough to shout words of encouragement that will actually be heard. If you have great seats at a basketball game, you get your hotdogs brought to you on a platter. You may think I'm kidding, but I assure you, I saw it with my own eyes. You have a little waiter that brings your decadent nachos, weiners and soda pop. Talk about a classy event...

It was a unique experience. If all the club music and Crunch's gun-shot drum had all stopped, it would've been a very quiet game. Whatever happened to cheerleaders that yelled words of encouragement. There were 2 "cheering" (aka slinking/wiggling) right behind me, and I couldn't hear them at all. Obviously the cheerleaders were chosen for something other than their vocal ability. However, nobody sitting around us talked to each other either. It was almost eerie. Is going to a basketball game more similar to going to a posh party to see other faces, and to be seen? What is it about basketball that brings these types of socialites to mix and mingle with us commoners, as opposed to other sporting events?

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