Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Prada Pope

I woke up as usual thinking about what I was going to wear today. I have a closet full of "nothing to wear". I try to think about what kind of mood I feel like dressing in each day: classic/conservative? edgy rock? preppy? comfortable? business dress? modern chic?. I turned on the TV to see if the weather was going to play a factor in my ensemble. As I'm standing there, staring intently into my closet, waiting for the unreliable weather-man to come on, I heard a fashion bit of some interest. The Pope wears Prada and Gucci!!!

Everyone was saying what a shock this was. Is it really a shock? I say good for him, (and might I add that he has excellent taste in
footwear, and eye-wear). What's wrong with a person of his stature wanting to be a little fashionable? Everyone with a prominent name, no doubt spends much more on fashion than Pope Benedict XVI. Let him wear what he pleases on his feet and face, he doesn't parade around in designer jeans, or Armani suits. Instead he's required to wear a modest robe. (If you notice in the picture, you can see his red Prada's.)

What shoes would be better suited for a pope?
These? or these? I think he did very well in choosing his Prada loafers. And who's to say that he even chose them himself? Maybe he went out one afternoon looking for some nice loafers, and found himself outside the Prada store. Either way, I don't think it's the scandal that others make it out to be. I celebrate you Pope Benedict XVI. May you continue living as you do, a great man.


Saint Paul said...

Now I know what that second collection was for at Church last week. Tithing alone doesn't keep the Pontiff in Pradas!

Sienna said...

There is nothing modest about he popes clothes. His wardrobe costs hundreds of thousands of euros and he is dripping with gold. He has no modesty and he obviously enormously enjoys living high on the hog. You should see the thousands of people living down by the river in Rome, the old ladies living on the streets with shopping carts, while the good old pope lives in his ivory palace preaching modesty, anti-consumerism, and being green. He is a hipocrit beyond belief and I am sure if Jesus came back right now he would vomit with disgust.