Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Vacation Needed From the Vacation

I could really get used to having 4 day weekends with 3 days of work. Maybe that's how things out to be. I would like some more vacation to recuperate from all the vacation that I just had. Everyone has to do the vacation visits with everyone whom you haven't seen in at least a week, but does everyone have time to just veg out?

Whatever happened to the good old days of
bumming around? Back in the good old days of my youth, I used to lounge around all the time. Now, when I really need to (in order to minimize my icy hot usage), I can't seem to find the time! Maybe we all need to pencil in some much needed personal time.

Filled with other obligations and time restraint, I find myself looking at an open night as an opportunity to schedule in more things, when really all I want to do is
primp and relax. Maybe it's the guilt of having a free night, and knowing that I could be doing other things. If I have more than a couple of hours, I think: Well, I haven't seen so-and-so in a while, I should give them a call. Or... If I fit in another night of teaching, I could almost fit in all the lessons needed during my vacation. Or... I should really be doing - 'fill in the blank' because I said I would four score and seven years ago.

In any case, it's going to be my New Years resolution to take one evening a week for just myself. I shan't be bothered by anyone or anything. I will take a stand for lying down! I will see this through to the end!


Rob said...

Good luck with that... I just hope you keep our regular Wednesday nights going!!! :)

shyestviolet said...

Good luck!

I manage to find time to veg every night, actually. It comes right around 11 PM each night, and lasts for about eight hours.

Very lovely time. I quite enjoy it.

Rachel Irene said...

What I wouldn't give for an 8 hour slumber. There's a quote, "you'll have time to rest when you're dead". I guess I always have that to look forward too... as morbid as that sounds...

shyestviolet said...

I've tried less than eight. I end up looking like a cross between Carol Channing and Vince Vaughan, and I feel like the baby from the Incredibles right before he goes all Devil-Child on that dude's ass and starts biting his head. Seriously. I'm pretty hard core about my sleep now.

It's to make up for college, I think. God help me when I decide to go back to school and have to choose between a halfway decent thesis and sleep...