Monday, January 30, 2006

Puppy Mill Tragedy

In Belle Prairie Minnesota, a "dog kennel" (aka a puppy mill) has been approved. (See links for articles.)

In a nutshell this is an operation for 600 small dogs to live in barely livable conditions. It was approved have no one living on the premises to care for the animals. This amazes me. Are people really that ignorant that they think that 600 dogs will be able to care for themselves? I don't know anyone that would have even one dog live on its own for any duration. No one will be there if there's a medical emergency, birthing complication, or despite the fact that dogs crave companionship and interaction.

Who are these people that think it's ok for dogs to be kept in small kennels without exercise or fresh food/water only to live out their lives to breed in these terrible conditions?! It's mind blowing to think that there's people out there that lack all compassion for other living beings. It makes me sick.

In addition to the cruel conditions, the "kennel" has plans to de-bark the dogs to prevent noise pollution. This entails:

"going down a dog's throat with a sharp debarking instrument and tearing apart it's vocal cords by removing chunks of flesh. The debarking tool is an elongated device, with serrated edges. The dog is under general anesthesia as the Vet reaches down it's throat tearing out chunks of vocal cords and tossing them in the bucket or the floor. This process is repeated over and over. The dog's head then must be kept facing down off the table to allow blood to drain and avoid drowning, despite an ET tube. Upon recovery, the dog drools, coughs up blood and sadly tries to bark. They are sent home the next day on tranquilizers to prevent barking which will cause scar tissue and enable the dogs to once again vocalize as they should."

I am incredulous that this proposal passed. I can't believe that it's not against animal rights yet. So many people are outraged, and have a right to be heard. If these articles had ANY affect on you, please sign the petition, and spread the word. It literally takes 15 seconds to complete online.

PLEASE help out the puppies that can't help themselves by signing the petition below.

Stop the Puppymill in Morrison County, Minnesota

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