Sunday, March 26, 2006

Home Alone

My room-mate has moved completely out. I feel torn about the situation.

On one hand, I will miss having my Kevy around. It will be very empty without him. There will be no more:
~clothing critiques
~cleaning parties.... (well, obvs I'm OCD and there will still be cleaning parties, but now it's just going to be a cleaning party for 1)
~belting out show tunes at random times
~new furniture, kitchen items, glass-ware, decorations, or anything Michael Graves
~fun times with Kevy as my roomie

On the other hand, I'll love being able to go home and actually relax... if I still remember how to do so. For those of you that know my room-mate, he's a little intense.
I won't have to worry about:
~leaving my knitting or magazine out for the time I step away for a minute. I can just leave it there, and it will still be there when I get back!
~not using our kitchen table that's been permanently set for 10 months. Yes friends, I have a kitchen table that was set for 2, but was not to be used. Soooo many questions about that one.
~getting bolted and chained out of the apartment every Saturday morning
~feeling guilty about not continually buying new things for our-already-completely-furnished apartment
~double permit parking in the lot, or arguing that it's my turn (after 6 months)
~having certain friends over
~be able to go to bed without being pressured to go out for a drink, movie, or shopping

I'll miss him, but I think I'll hang in there. *wink wink*


shyestviolet said...

wow, do you feel so grown-up now?

Rob said...

Remember when we ate at the sacred perma-set table one night, not too long ago? I felt like we were breaking the rules!

Matt said...

I think I should set my table permanently as well! Sounds like a good idea! :)