Thursday, March 09, 2006

My Ghetto Life

Like any good suburb kid, I would spend the day pretending I was from da hood. How fun it was to speak, act, and dwell in the ghetto.

Oh, who am I kidding? I do live in the ghetto, my heat has been out no less than 8 times this winter, and my little Geo Prizm got vandalized, and our neighbors aren't exactly upstanding citizens. It's always pleasant to walk down the hall and hear babies crying, people yelling, and smell something of an unknown origin.

Here's our pimpin' ride that we took to school everyday.

We liked to play basketball after school. The grocery cart we stole from the homeless man on the corner worked great for the hoop! Talk about innovative! After we got done shootin' some hoops, we liked to cool off on the boat.
This is the treads I almost got instead of the Mazda3. It was a tough call though.

Here's my favorite shirt, and a good rule to abide by.

I hope that gave you insight into my childhood. It was a fond one.

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