Monday, March 06, 2006

Possible Narcolepsy

I went over to the parents to have dinner and watch an "exciting" award show. I think that this is the first award show (minus the Tony's) that I've actually planned to sit down and watch. It wasn't my choice, but my parents (and by parents, I mean my Ti-Vo addicted mother) really wanted to watch it, so I succumbed. I suggested that we play a game, or do something fun during it, because usually the awards aren't so fun.

Last night reminded me of why I don't watch those ceremonies. The beginning 5 minutes was
quasi-enjoyable, but then it all went downhill from there.

All the speeches seemed so long and lame. Nobody seemed excited to win, except the schmoes that won best song for the hardships of a pimp. The audience looked like they were bored out of their minds, and I think they kept saying, who is that? There were so many B list stars and under, that they showed
Keira Knightley for like 80 hours! Not that I don't love her, and think she's amazing, but good gracious!

The interviewers were as talented as
slugs. They had no interesting questions to ask, they made everyone feel uncomfortable, (including the viewers) and I wanted to punch them in the face to stop the pain.

The dresses were interesting to watch for about 2 seconds, then... not so much. Some of them were just hideous, nobody looked outrageously beautiful, or hideous. Everyone just played it safe. Although Naomi Watt's dress was particularly hideous. What was she thinking? It looked like someone
gnawed on her dress. Not to mention with the rouching around the waist made her look like she had love handles the size of Antarctica.

Needless to say, with all the excitement going on in the award show, I was passed out on the couch circa 8:30pm. It was that amazing. I think that I'll just stick to my Tony Awards, and save myself the torture.


Cathy said...

I tried watching them too but gave up and watched "Food Network- Building a better burger contest." The one i voted for won! I rock!

Rachel Irene said...

Anything would've been more enjoyable... root canals... stabbing your eyes out with rusty spoons....