Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Mauer Married?!

I was in a jewelry store the other weekend, and I came across a rather juicy bit of information from a buddy. He told us that Joe Mauer was in there the other day to order a ring. He didn't tell us what kind of ring he ordered, nor did we ask, but he purchased a ring none-the-less.

If that ring turns out to be a diamond, it will be a very sad day for all the ladies of Minnesota that have gone to many a game to gaze adoringly at the handsome catcher. I swear that's not why I go... I'm a Twins *cough cough* (Mauer and Cuddyer) *cough cough* fan, through and through. Even if it doesn't turn out to be a diamond ring, I don't think that little Joe Joe is buying a ring for his mother or sister, so it's just a sad day all around.

I share with you the information that I know, disheartening as it may be.


Missy said...

Umm, my real question was WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN A JEWELERY STORE looking at rings?!?!?!?!

Good name, love the Rachel Express! =)

Rachel Irene said...

A good question, but unfortunately, the answer will have to wait.

I love the Rachel Express. It's the pride and joy of my life right now. ZOOM ZOOM!

Anonymous said...

It's now a YEAR later & as everyone can see Joe Mauer is not married nor is he engaged.