Thursday, December 22, 2005

Apprehensive Anna?

Anna Netrebko is a soprano taking the world on by storm. I have yet to hear her music, but I've been reading about her innovative ideas.

She is a classically trained opera singer, and has sung all over the world, including at the Met. She is also doing something completely new, opera music videos. (How fantastic is that? You can hear all the great arias without the extra 3 hours of recitative!) She so accomplished at only 34 years of age.

Recently she was booked at
Carnegie Hall for her solo recital debut, but she postponed her appearance until a future season (aka not any time soon). She claims she's not ready for it... who's not ready for a little Carnegie after the big bad Met?!

It's hard work doing a recital. You're so
exposed with nothing to show, except for your voice, and yourself. Intimidating for even the most cultivated singers. Still, it sounds like she's pursuing her career in a different directions, maybe Carnegie Hall is too small for her great aspirations.

She's beautiful, and very accomplished. I plan on keeping tuned into her next venture.

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