Thursday, December 29, 2005

Bargains! Specials! Discounts! Pills?

I was having an hour of mental rest in front of the
TV, when a rather bizarre commercial came on. I didn't look up right away, but I kept hearing only 89 cents! For a limited time offer only 89 cents! I look up, because I love a good bargain. To my dismay it was an add for some sort of vitamins. In my world, vitamins are an expensive commodity. However, these guys had them marked down to a mere 89 cents! (Although, the original price was only a buck anyway.)

Would anybody really want to buy something that you ingest for 89 cents? A twinkie, hostess, or a banana maybe, but not pills. I love a good bargain just as much as the next gal, but I don't mind paying a fair price for certain things, pills being one of them.

They can create many things cheaply now, but should they?

Next we might be seeing:

Contact Lenses - made with the cheapest plastic, they may not be flexible, but they're cheap!

Condoms - less effective by 95%, but they're discounted by 95% too!

Eye Glasses - made out of 100% recycled coke bottles

Black Market Kidneys - cow, horse, human? what's the difference, we're all mammals!

Pre-Owned Dental Floss - lightly used, and lightly flavored

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