Thursday, December 08, 2005

Casting Judgment On the People

Last night was the 2 hour season premiere of Project Runway. I loved every minute of it. There were more people recognized, but fortunately they eliminated 2 people in the first hour because it was a semi-final. (I was beginning to wonder how I was going to remember all those names with my old-timers memory.) Then they had the regular show eliminating one on the first challenge. It was juicy, and I'm picking who I'm going to root for, and who I'm going to despise. I'm sure my opinions will change, but here are my initial judgments.

To know what the competition was, and to find other items of interest on the people I cast judgment on, go to
Project Runway. (I sound like a walking advertisement...)

Heidi - a Southern girl without a lot of charm. I thought I would need to have the rusty spoons on hand every week, but fortunately she didn't even make it to the finals. Way to high strung. Down girl!

John - I thought he was going to be the next Jay... except for the fact that he wasn't good. He didn't make it to the final either.

Kirsten - She seemed like too big of a diva, and more into herself rather than fashion. She was eliminated on the first challenge.

Santino - He won the semi-finals challenge. His designs are very innovative and has an earthiness about them. However, I think he's just a bit too earthy. Maybe the second challenge should be a shave and a shower...

Chloe - I love her already. She's creative, has clean lines, and her clothes all look very polished. I'm rooting for this one.

Emmett - He's a Parsons pick, and I think he'll be a favorite. He does everything perfectly. He seems like a real perfectionist. Love him now, but we'll see if he turns to evil. He's rather serious.

Zulema - When she first presented herself, I thought she was the next Kara Saun. BUT I think she might have an ego that's too big for her britches. Hopefully she'll learn you have to earn your confidence.

Kara - She's kind of a wall-flower. Her designs are nice, and she does ok, but she hasn't come out of the woodwork yet.

Nick - Love him love him LOVE him! He's edgy, he knows what he's doing, and I think that his style is right for now. I'll be watching for him at New York fashion week!

Marla - Is she going to be the next Wendy Pepper? She seems too nice to be Wendy. However, their fashion background and style seem to line up. I'm holding hatred until a later date.

Raymundo - He had some cute ideas, and they were well executed, but like wall-flower Kara, nothing truly popping. I do get a sense that he'll break away from the pack at a later time. This one has potential.

Diana - Let's face it folks, this one's an odd duck. She's very innovative, but really nerdy. She needs a make-over stat! I think she's going to have issues with time. She likes to have things well researched, but they only have a day to make these clothes.

Daniel F - I can't believe he's back. He got voted off the first challenge on the first season. He makes very tailored clothes, but I don't think his staying power is that great. He'll be one of the last to go for ratings, but other than that...

Daniel V - He makes boring clothes. So far, I'm not very impressed. They're not daring enough to be deemed hideous, but they're not very polished or cutting edge.

Andrae - This guy is over the top. He needs to keep the tears in check when they ask him to offer further explanation. Check out his audition video. I don't have sound, but I can't imagine it adds that much. It pretty much speaks for itself.

Guadalupe - I think this will be the trouble maker. She already walked around critiquing everyone's work on the first day. Her designs are cluttered and not well executed. She's my least favorite, personality and designer-wise. Yuck.


Abbie said...

Ok, So I'm thinking you MUST be posting these at work - unless you got up early today to post on your blog before work - over your lunch break, right??

Rob said...

Oh Twin, you sure hit the nail right on the head for all of the designers... I think once again we'll end up hating the same people. LOL... :)

Rachel Irene said...

Yes, I always blog in my free time...

Douglas said...

Welcome to the MOB!

Hope to see you at Keegan's next Saturday!

My eyes are saying "yee-ouch" upon reading that red text!