Saturday, December 31, 2005

The "Eves"

This year the eves of Christmas and New Years have crept up on me. I didn't realize it was New Years eve today until someone told me. I make plans for the different eves, and it's a big build up to the day/eve, only to not actually be the big festivity that you expect.

Is it me, or does everyone plan these elaborate eves, only to wake up and start a normal day? I think there's too much hubbub around these pre-celebratory holidays. It just doesn't make sense anymore to have set plans and go out and "party like it's 1999". What's the point? I probably won't make it until midnight. Can't I just celebrate tomorrow over breakfast and some coffee? I think this maybe a learned lesson for next year. Enjoy your time on the eves, but don't get all strung out over the planning. It's not really the big day, it's just the eve!

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