Friday, December 02, 2005

Still Alive

I made it to rehearsal last night. I still have hair. However, I have a new found hatred for yahoo maps. They lie!

Rush hour wasn't too bad. Granted I averaged about 20 mph on I-35, but at least I wasn't sitting there stopped, beating my head against the steering wheel. All was seemingly well, the holiday music was playing, the traffic was moving, and I had good directions telling me where to go. I then saw signs for Edina and cheered (that's how directionally impaired I am, I'm happy if I'm in the right city). I took my exit, and I missed my first turn, but no big deal, I had plenty of time and I saw where I was supposed to turn. So, I turn around and head down the road. Then I came to a 6 way intersection with
mangled street signs. I stop, and really look, and I finally see the street I want in the raised scraps of metal. Huzzah! I continue on. I drive rather far, considering the map say 0.2 miles, (I think I went about 3). So, I turn around and drive up the other way thinking I missed this massive church. After 20 minutes of roaming these streets, I accept that I'm once again lost. I go back to the cross section where it steered me clear and thought real hard... if I were a church, where would I hide?

I look around, and I see a giant
cross across the highway. Ahah! Found it! God doth provideth. So, yahoo maps forgot to mention a few turns, a few streets, and you know, put me on the right side of the highway!! Good thing I left with an hour and a half time limit. I got there in exactly that. So, ya'll know what to get me for Christmas... a GPS navigation system!

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