Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Case Solved!

I came home to find my roomie already settled in from his trip. We talked about the holiday, and his trip, and he was really laying on the accent. It was thicker than ever.

I continued to act oblivious to the fact that he was slipping in and out of a severe Minnesotan accent, and a twang of unknown origin. I didn't bring up his accent at all. Finally, he could stand it no longer. He burst out with "oh geez (very Minnesotan), I really have to get rid of this accent! (twang-ish) I can't stop talking like
this!" while slapping his forehead. I brushed it off like I hadn't noticed. I'm so mean.


Rob said...

LOL... oh lord. He is so weird! I was wondering why you were kicking me last night while he was talking to you before he went out... too bad I wasn't paying any attention to him to notice his heinous accent. LOL.

Rachel Irene said...

You were like a rock. I don't know how you completely tune him out. Teach me O Master.