Monday, December 05, 2005

Cuddyer's Switch

I love Cuddyer, I think that he's charming, adorable, and always gives a good effort. Granted he didn't quite live to expectations of the season, but he's a good member of the team. He has a lot of potential to step into his own, and become a great player.

He's been switched all over the field since he first joined the Twins. Now it looks like he might make another
move. One that I'm not so sure of. He might turn into the Twins DH. Maybe I'm optimistic, but I would like him to stay in the field and show he's a great asset to the Twins. He does well at the plate, but it seems like they could utilize him more elsewhere. Who knows who else we'll get in the draft? Luis Castillo joined last Friday, which was quite a catch. I guess we'll just have to see who else we draft.

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