Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Evil Road

I have a certain emotional attachment to my car, lovingly referred to as the Rachel Train. Despite that I may not change the oil, bathe her on a regular basis, use a fresh battery, realize she's not a submarine, or give her the love and attention she needs, she treats me so well, and never has a gripe or complaint. I could never desert my beloved Geo Prism.

The Train has taken a few love
bumps along the way. Yes, I finally gave her a new battery after it sucked the last bit of life out of a 17 year old one. It was a quick replacement, then she was good to go. Then, I prepared her for a long-distance road trip to Colorado. I changed the oil and gave her a tune up. Her windshield wipers broke from the dryness of Colorado (maybe I should get new ones.. it's been 1-1/2 years...) but they work well enough. She was a dream all the way out and all the way back averaging about 38 miles to the gallon. However, I failed to change her oil again until many months later, (so much for 3k miles, or even 10k!)...oops.

Another close call from the big storm a few months ago when all the roads flooded: It was dark, and I didn't see the massive ocean accumulating on the entrance ramp to 36. (They closed that road minutes after.) So, I was driving along rather slowly because the traffic was backed up due to the flooding I was unaware of, then SWOOSH! I'm
underwater and it's lapping at my windows. I know I can't stop, and fortunately there was a break in traffic, so I go for it. I'm flustered but keep driving. As I turn on to my road home I notice that both sides of the road are littered with stalled cars. After gawking, I turn to the front and notice the SUV in front of me disappear. It had gone so far underwater that it's tail lights weren't visible anymore. I didn't have time to stop, so I went for it. This time it was so deep that I could feel the RT floating a bit, it bobbed, and somehow pulled out of the depths of the sea. Not even a sputter folks. That's true love. Granted it had water lodged in its doors for the longest time (I think that there's still water, frozen, inside), but it lives on.

Last week my car and I met the evil road. This road has it out for us. The other week I was driving to work as usual, and they had been doing
repairs on this road, and it's been completely blocked off minus a one-car opening, but this time they had paved it, and there were no barricades. There was snow covering in it, and I thought it was finished. Silly me! Apparently they didn't do a very good job of tar laying, because it all sank and left a foot deep trench. I hit it going about 25mph. Ouch. My car wiggled a little bit, but pulled through yet again. My alignment was slightly off, but nothing to worry about. Today was a different story. There's a bend in this road, and I was going about 10mph, and as I'm turning I start to slip, so I braked a bit. Nothing happened. It was in slow motion because I was going under 10mph, and I realize I'm going to hit the guard rail... I did. It was a slight thunk, but my airbag didn't deploy, and I wasn't too worried. So I get out to look at the damage. There's a scrape on the corner of my front bumper (no biggie), and the far left headlight got knocked out. I tried to stick the headlight on, but the plastic tabs were broken. (I find it amazing how much of a car is made of plastic, why don't they use something more indestructible?) I get back in and decide to deal with it later. As I proceed my car is slipping all over the road, and I figure the "evil road" is quite icy today. I pull on the main road, and my car is still out of control. The alignment was so loose and out of whack that it was not drivable. Whatever I knocked loose the first time, must have gotten finished off when I hit the rail.

Now I'm without my trusty
companion for 2 days. From this day forward, I will take good care of my car. I will always look out for its well-being. I won't ever cause it grief again. My poor car.


Rob said...

I know its sad that you don't have the Rachel Train for a few days, but this blog almost made we wet my pants... I was laughing here at my desk and my co-workers were giving me funny looks. Reading your explaination of when the RT had a brief stint as a submarine - that will always be one of my all time favorite Rachel Train stories and make me laugh uncontrollably... Good times, good times.

Rachel Irene said...

I think maybe the RT is glad to be rid of me for a few days... is there such a thing as unintentional abuse?

Rob said...

I dunno, but you should look into that... maybe you secretly hate the RT subconsciously.

Rachel Irene said...

Unintentional Abuse

Apparently it can happen. However it'd be in much worse shape than it is if I really wanted it gone.

Rob said...

"Remember, when you started dating, and when you were first married? Remember how you talked, laughed, shared your hopes, dreams, concerns and problems?"

Yes, Rachel, do you remember the days when you and the RT shared your hopes and dreams with each other? LOL...

Rachel Irene said...

I do, and it was a very good day. *sigh*