Thursday, December 01, 2005

Rush Hour

I thought I would post in my last few sane minutes before I have to hit the road for another Vocal Essence rehearsal. Our rehearsal is down in Edina, and seeing as I'm coming from Stillwater, it's going to be a painful haul. The distance doesn't bother me, it's the rush hour traffic. I'm allotting myself an hour and a half, and if I'm not there by then, I'll just pull over and lay down in the middle of I-35. So, adieu my friends, this might just be my last post with hair.


Rob said...

LOL... well I got an email from you this morning, so I'm assuming you made it to and from rehearsal ok! :) Woo!

Rob said...

I also hope you still have all your hair... because let's face it, you couldn't pull off the bald look ;)