Tuesday, December 06, 2005

My TV Show Devotion

With the ever busy mornings, afternoons, evenings, and nights, I rarely have time to plunk down in front of the TV and veg. Much less keep up on with a television series. However, I choose one show at a time (if there's one worth watching) to keep up with. Last year I stumbled upon Project Runway. It was the greatest show on TV. I was a devoted fan every week, and even watched the marathons with nostalgia (even though I had already watched every episode). Sad? No, it's my favorite show.

The premise is simple enough to follow (without prior knowledge), yet it has enough twists to make it juicy. There are designers (
some are debatable), models, Heidi Klum, and blunt judges. What more could you want? The designers are given a challenge/guidelines each week, they design an ensemble to best reflect the challenge, and themselves. At the end of each episode is a runway show with each of their designs on their chosen model. They're judged without the screaming teens booing every criticism (as so often seen on competition shows), and someone wins and someone loses. Other than the incredible designs, it's all what happens outside of the show that makes it all worth while.

So, for those of you who love
fashion and quarrels over "artistic differences", this show is a must see. Anyone who's involved in the arts knows how brutal a world it can be. Your work isn't just your work, it's a reflection upon you as a person. When your whole career is riding on making that (you) worthwhile, it makes for some quality television.


Rob said...

Hello?! You failed to mention that you watch this fabulous TV show with your one and only TWIN!!!

Cathy said...

I'm so sad that I can't watch this season, stupid second shift!! Try and tape the episodes for me, then we can watch them all...you with nostalgia and me with brand new excitement!

Rob said...

LUPE must go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!