Monday, December 19, 2005

MOBers Mobbing

I went to Keagan's Irish Pub party the other night hosted by the MOB (Minnesota Organization of Bloggers). I usually go as smiling/nodding gal number three, standing beside/behind Saint Paul, but this time I played a new roll. I have joined the mighty forces of the MOB! *gasp* It's true, don't cast judgment. Out of all the bloggers parties I've gone to (which isn't many) this one was more enjoyable than the rest. Maybe it was the bar, the people, the season, or maybe it's because this time, I was one of them. In any case, it was fun to meet and visit with everyone there.

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Muzzy said...

I was at the big Keegan's event last Saturday, but I don't think I got the chance to meet you. I'm glad you had a good time. Welcome to the MOB, and best wishes for the holidays.