Sunday, December 04, 2005

WASP? ... ASP? ... P?

I had a wonderful time with old friends yesterday on a trip down memory lane, aka highway 169. We were on the way to Christmas in Christ Chapel at our alma mater, Gustavus Adolphus. The alumnus all mobbed together in a pew and listened as the orchestra and choirs rang in the Christmas season.

On a side note, for those who are unfamiliar with the vast diversity at Gustavus, they are now up to a "
7% Student of Color", from the 2% when I was there. I'm guessing as a Korean adoptee, I contributed to the 2%.) It's a college with a strong Swedish orientation, and that was made obvious by the audience clad in their Nordic sweaters. It was great, just like old times.
The concert title was "
Ageless Visions of a Timeless Moment". Also very classic Gustavus. There were the traditional Lutheran hymns sung, works done by the typical private liberal arts college, all done beautifully. There's always a "cultural" piece, this time it was a gospel that spiced up the night. As they bust out in exuberance to Go Tell it On the Mountain, Missy leans over to me, and says, we shouldn't sing gospel, we're WASP's. Then she turns to me and says, well not you, you're just an ASP. We do the quiet laugh and the concert goes on.

Later I head over to Brian's house, to relay the happenings of the night. I mention the gospel piece (it was a highlight for me, and all who witnessed it), and ask exactly what a WASP was (Gustavus neglected to teach that), he explained. I said, apparently I'm an ASP. He says, you can't even be an ASP, you're just a Puh. He
rained on my parade. My heart goes out to all you P's, who aren't part of the elite WASP crowd, or even a lowly ASP. My life summed up in a verbal sound. I'm a puh...


Abbie said...

Rachel, that's too funny, 'cause when I read the part where she said "Well, you're just an ASP" I was thinking, well, probably Rachel's just a "P" or as you say, a "Puh". Great minds think alike, I suppose. There's nothing wrong with being a P! I am not a WASP, either, I am a WGSP (white-German-Swiss-Protestant), maybe a "wuhguhsp" and that is way grosser sounding than being P.

Abbie said...

If you want a cooler acronym, you can be a AAP (an Asian-American Protestant) or a SKAP (South Korean-American protestant) or maybe a KAKAP (Kick-A** Korean-American Protestant)... so many possibilities open to us who are outside of the WASPishness!

Rachel Irene said...

Many good ideas to consider. Thanks Abbie! Perhaps I'll pass on the AAP... too close to AARP which I'm well on my way to becoming a member.